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Thinking About Downsizing?

by Patti Urban, Aging Life Care Professional, Aging Care Planning Solutions

Downsizing comes in all different shapes and sizes. Perhaps a smaller home without stairs would allow you or your loved one to age-in-place more effectively. Maybe you're motivated by financial concerns, and reducing housing costs is at the top of your list. If you live in a cold climate, you may be looking for something warmer.

Whatever your reasons, our friends at Caring Village have some great information to share about downsizing:

Is It Time to Downsize?

As we age, our priorities change. You may be planning to retire or the kids have moved out and you no longer need extra space. Perhaps a health condition has made stairs difficult. Here are five situations that may indicate that it’s time to consider downsizing.

Six Tips for Downsizing

If you have decided to downsize or you’re helping a loved one to do so, you understand just how much families can accumulate over the years and how difficult it is to let go. Use these tips to help determine what items to keep and what items to discard or giveaway.


Patti Urban, CSA, is the CEO of Aging Care Planning Solutions, a geriatric care management practice that assists the elderly and their families with advance care planning as well as guidance for patients with life-limiting illnesses. She is also a Certified End of Life Doula, a Certified Senior Advisor, former Executive Director of a memory-care assisted living community, and former owner of a home care agency. She can be reached at


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