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The first engagement with a potential new client is an initial consultation. This is preferably done in the elder’s home so that we may get a first look at their environment and challenges. We spend the time understanding the elder’s current situation and challenges. We’ll review the options and services available in aging care management to provide the best quality of life possible for your loved one.

After the initial consultation, our Aging Care Manager (or Geriatric Care Manager) will conduct a careful assessment of the individual’s needs by evaluating his or her physical, cognitive, emotional, financial and psychological condition. Based on this assessment, the Aging Care Manager develops an Aging Quality of Care Plan to enable the client to remain at home as long as possible.

As needed, we may then arrange a variety of services and act as a liaison between the client and those contracted to provide services. This phase is carried out with a goal of preserving independence and maintaining the safety and dignity of the client.


What is Aging Care Planning?


Aging Care Planning, or elder care planning, refers to a three-part process that includes: 1) identifying issues that negatively impact an individual’s life; 2) prioritizing desired outcomes; and 3) determining the interventions, services, and resources needed to reach the chosen goals.


Based on the information obtained from the initial assessment, the Aging Quality of Care Plan becomes an agreement between the senior and others involved about how to enhance their quality of life and reduce the risks associated with living at home.

Taking Notes


The physical and mental challenges that accompany aging often make seniors increasingly dependent on community resources such as senior centers, health and social services departments, and other agencies that specialize in elder care services.

Aging Care Managers (or Geriatric Care Managers) make it their business to know what resources are available locally and how they can best be accessed.  Based on what’s specified in your loved one’s Aging Quality of Care Plan,  their Aging Care Manager will identify the appropriate resources and determine who will follow up to initiate the needed services. If a certain resource isn’t available locally, your Aging Care Manager will problem solve to track it down.

Therapy Session


If you're looking for help in the area of managing and coordinating care for your loved one, an Aging Care Manager could be just what you need. Aging Care Managers help adults with specialized needs get the care they need quickly and effectively.

First, an Aging Care Manager will work with the adult and their family to create an Aging Care Plan  based on a comprehensive bio-psycho-social assessment. Then, they will ensure the needed resources and services get up and running. After that, an Aging Care Manager can continue to manage and coordinate care using regularly scheduled home visits, phone calls, and video calls.s.

Patient and Nurse

"Accepting help in advance of a crisis is probably one of the smartest things you can do for your loved ones."   Patti Urban

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