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Patti Urban

Official Bio of Patti Urban, CDP,CSA

As an entrepreneur since 1996 and owner of several successful businesses, Patti continues to blaze new trails and take on challenges, finding ways to help families transition at the beginning of family life and at the end. Her newest venture, Aging Care Planning Solutions, offers a holistic approach to caring for older adults.  The concept was born out of her work with seniors and her observation of the suffering of her end-of-life clients and the gap that exists between hospitals, hospice, and the patient.  Its primary purpose is to empower individuals to make their own choices with regard to care and planning.


Patti is the former Executive Director of The Shoreline of Clinton, a memory-care only assisted living community.  She is also the former owner of Comfort Keepers of Guilford CT, the industry leader in providing in-home care that allows older adults and others needing assistance to live happy, fulfilling lives in the comfort of their own homes.  

The Inside Track

Want to get to know Patti better? Here is the person behind the bio and about her life….

  • Patti is passionate about elder care and continues her work as member of the Board of Directors for the Shoreline Eldercare Alliance, Association of Women Business Leaders, and Shoreline Area Senior Network.  She is a former Board Member of Orchard House Adult Day Center, Shoreline Chamber of Commerce, and National Speakers Association Connecticut Chapter.

  • She is the mother of three daughters and one son, all adopted from China.

  • Patti is a Certified Dementia Practitioner, a Certified Senior Advisor, and a Certified End of Life Doula.

  • Patti was a co-host of the cable television show, Just Sayin’. The show appeared on local public access television channels in Connecticut and received substantial press coverage as “Connecticut’s version of The View”.  The show spotlighted local businesses and addressed many current issues that affected not only Connecticut but nationally as well.

  • She’s a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a BS in Business Management.  She also received her certificate in paralegal studies..

  • Community outreach is important to Patti. She offered her office space in Guilford free of charge to groups that needed meeting space including monthly meetings for the Association of Women Business Leaders [AWBL].

  • She is the founder of Shoreline Area Senior Network (SASN), a networking and educational group for professionals serving the senior community along the CT Shoreline.

  • Patti worked as a paralegal for 18 years for Fortune 500 companies in both Manhattan and New Jersey in the fields of corporate, international, and franchise law.



Oh Patti!  Bless you for your patience.  I have seen this cycle before.  Neither of them would tell me any of this.  If there is anything I can do, please let me know.  I appreciate all you are trying to do.  He doesn't make things easy.  I am thankful for all you do for my parents....... Laura C.

Patti, we are both so very thankful that you came into our lives.  I can never thank you enough for all you did for my mom.  You helped her, along with all the nurses and aides, live a better life with her time with you.  We will never forget you.  My mom had a smile on her face when she left us and you helped her keep that smile...... Fran D.

Patti was immediately responsive and amazingly helpful in dealing with the mental and physical health needs of my mother in law. She is very knowledgeable about care for the elderly as well as a great advocate in teaching you about services you can access easily in your area. I would highly recommend Patti to any family who needs support in the moment and also planning for the future.....Darlene G.

Patti is a dedicated, hard working and compassionate care professional! Her vast experience in Senior living has given her the tools to truly advocate for her clients. Patti cares for your family like it is her own. If you need someone in your corner, to guide and support you, I highly recommend Patti Urban of Aging Care Planning Solutions.....Debbie A.

Patti does an amazing job for her clients, going above and beyond. I have seen her handle every detail for her clients - medical, financial, legal, etc.  So many people do not know where to turn when facing the challenges of aging, either for themselves or their loved ones. Patti can be the "one call" that helps resolve all these issues.....Matthew P.

Patti is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to elder care. Her easy going disposition and approach keeps things simple. If you are overwhelmed with making decisions for your loved ones, Patti is a great person to speak with.....Sage O.

Patti Urban has been a godsend to my family for a number of years. I don’t know how I would have faired trying to assist my parents on my own. Her network and tenacity has helped us to align with the best services and I am eternally grateful!....Laura R.

Patti Urban is one of the most energetic, caring, intelligent women I know. She genuinely advocates for the well being of our elders as evidenced over the last decade or more in her various positions in senior care along the CT Shoreline. Not only will she dig deep to find every avenue to assist her clients and their families, but she will share her good humor and love for life at a time when some families can feel lost and worried.  In addition she is a dedicated adoptive mom and community volunteer.....Mary B.

Hey there, if you are looking for someone to guide young through the healthcare system for your elderly mom or dad, Patti is your guide. She’s an expert with compassion, and has a wonderful way of explaining things so you understand. She can help you with assess your parents current challenges-whether they need daily help, around the clock help, a move to an assisted living or someone overseeing their finances. If they’ve had a stay in the hospital or a short term rehab, she can help you with the process. She can connect you with an elder care attorney and help guide in filing for state help such as a Title 19 application. Patti is the best!....Jennifer J.

“The country is aging at a rapid pace and there aren’t enough caregivers to go around. We have this silver tsunami coming in. They are not as compliant as this generation. They don’t follow the doctor’s instructions, instead they’re going to question it, and they aren’t going to take no for an answer.” ~Patti Urban


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