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What is an Aging Life Care Professional® ?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

An Aging Life Care Professional®, formerly known as a Geriatric Care Manager, offers a holistic approach to caring for older adults. Aging Life Care Professionals work in concert with family and advisors to develop a plan that affords a sense of stability, clarity, and peace of mind.

Working with families, there is peace of mind afforded by the expertise of these professionals when a family needs the guidance the most. This guidance helps families to make decisions and then act on them to ensure quality of care for their loved ones through: assessment and monitoring; planning and problem-solving; education and advocacy; and family caregiver coaching.


Patti Urban, CSA, is the CEO of Aging Care Planning Solutions, an aging life care management company that assists the elderly and their families with advance care planning as well as guidance for patients with life-limiting illnesses. She can be reached at

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