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Navigating the health care system and finding the right support services can be difficult and confusing. Home care, hospitalizations, relocating to an assisted living or nursing home, financial and legal planning, and eventually, making end of life decisions can all be challenging and overwhelming.

Aging Care Planning Solutions helps you make appropriate decisions about your loved one's current and future medical, social and financial needs. Through personalized and compassionate service, we connect you with community resources and state programs that help you and your loved one face the challenges of aging one step at a time.

Positioning Statement

We work with families who want to avoid crisis management with their aging loved ones while arranging compassionate care and maintaining family peace.

We Can Assist With Decisions Surrounding:

  • Advocacy:  assists with hospital discharge and subsequent care

  • Care:  determining the appropriate level of care (in-home, memory care, skilled nursing, assisted living)

  • Crisis Intervention: we're here if you need us at any time

  • Family/Communication:  keeping family members and others updated on changes in status 

  • Financial:  referrals to qualified financial and wealth advisors

  • Health & Disability:  assistance with Medicare plans and referrals to qualified agents; Medicaid assistance

  • Housing:  assists with choosing and moving to a new community; accompanies senior on exploratory visits

  • Legal:  referrals to qualified elder care and estate and trust attorneys

  • Local Resources:  interacts and recommends appropriate local community resources

  • Medical:  accompanies senior on doctor appointments; emergency room visits, tele-health visits

  • Memory Impairment:  expertise in working with individuals with all types of dementia 

  • Peace of Mind:  acting as eyes and ears for long distance family caregivers

  • Socialization: a key component in the Aging Quality of Care Plan


Why Consider Aging Care Management?

Aging Care Management™, formerly known as geriatric care management, offers a holistic approach to caring for older adults.  Our Aging Care Managers™ work in concert with the family and advisors to develop a plan that affords a sense of stability, clarity, and peace of mind.  Our Aging Care Managers™ continually advocate on behalf of the senior. They follow a three-step process to ensure care is delivered in a manner which supports your loved one’s physical, emotional, and social well-being. This process includes:

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An Aging Care Manager conducts a comprehensive assessment to understand your aging loved one's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.


An Aging Care Manager assesses the appropriate resources and decides who to follow up and initiate the required services or programs.



An Aging Care Manager oversees the care and makes scheduled home visits.  They communicate with responsible parties and advocate for your aging loved one.


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Patti was very knowledgeable and caring when answering my questions about my father-in-law.  She put my mind at rest knowing that we were doing the right thing by him.  I don't know how anyone can navigate the health care system right out of bat because there is so much to learn.  With Patti's guidance and expertise, I was able to put together a long-term plan for my father-in-law.  As she says, "it's not about if, it's about when".  I'm at peace knowing there is a plan in place rather than having to try to navigate everything through crisis management......Dawn S.

Patti and her team of experts provided amazing care to my dad who suffers from dementia.  She made it easy for all of us siblings to make decisions together, and she answered all our questions patiently and thoroughly.  I would highly recommend hiring Patti to help with an elderly loved one.....Mary B.




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